It's the Antimetabole Family Challenge!!!


What is the Antimetabole Family Challenge?

You're probably here because someone you know (most likely a family member) named two people, and now you have to guess how those two people are related to that person in the form of an Antimetabole.

An antimetabole (/æntɪməˈtæbəliː/ AN-ti-mə-TAB-ə-lee) is the repetition of words in successive clauses, but in transposed order. For example, "My Brother's Wife" and "My Wife's Brother". Or "My Son's Aunt" and "My Aunt's Son".

Let's pretend that Bart Simpson posted this challenge and the two people he named are "Patty Bouvier" and "Marge Simpson".

Those who are familiar with the characters in this show should know that the answer to this challenge is his "Mom's Sister" and his "Sister's Mom".


Can you figure out the answer to the challenge that your family member posted? BONUS POINTS if you can figure out if there is more than one answer!

Create Your Own Challenge

Step 1: Create the answer that people will try to guess.

Decide which two family members you want for your challenge by selecting from each dropdown:


Based on your selections, we've come up with two people:

Check your answers by asking yourself, "Do both of these people actually exist?" For example, don't select "Sister" from the first dropdown if you don't actually have a sister.

If both people exist, proceed to Step 2. Otherwise, you'll need to change your selection in the dropdown.

Step 2: Create the question by filling in the blank

Type each person's name:

Step 3: Post your challenge!

Copy and paste the following text to Facebook:

It's the Antimetabole Family Challenge! Who will be the first to figure out how these two people are related to me in the form of an Antimetabole.

First person
Second Person

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